Several options exist if you're looking for the best mogul skier of all time. However, these athletes all compete at the highest level. So let's take a look at a few of them. Firstly, there's Nicole McLean. This local girl got hooked on the sport when she was seven. She first competed in moguls for Australia in 2010 and made her debut on the world stage in 2014. She won her first Australian title in 2011 and aimed to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Moguls have a long history and are often a part of the Winter Olympics. The most successful skiers have won world cup titles and are the kings of their discipline. Moguls have long been considered a problematic discipline for beginners, but people with experience can become great mogul skiers. So there's a good chance you'll meet a new mogul skier on the World Cup circuit.

The record for most world cup mogul wins belongs to Alex Bilodeau. He won the first five World Cup moguls events in 2012-13 and the Sochi test event in 2014. Kingsbury ties the record. It's difficult to beat him in this category, and Mikael Kingsbury has the most.

While the competition is fierce, one can't deny the talent of Heinz Eisele. The Swiss athlete won 25 World Cup races during the 1970s and five World Cup titles in the 1980s. He also won the 1976 Winter Olympics, where he beat the defending champion by a third of a second. After winning the Olympics, he won eight of his nine World Cup downhills.

Sarah Burke is another woman who won gold twice. In 2006, she won the Winter X Games Superpipe. Her success was rewarded with a World Extremes gold medal. In addition, she was the first woman to ski down South Maroon Peak. In addition to her accomplishments, she was famous for her role in Matchstick Productions films. Today, she runs a women's ski camp in Crested Butte.

Before the 2005 Olympics, mogul skiing was on life support. Big air, slopestyle, and inverted trickery had dominated the media and skiing. Mogul skiing seemed dull. Until Craig Moseley made it legal. In a trick that allowed him to keep his ankles below his head, he performed an off-axis 720, also known as a Dinner Roll.

The most challenging part of skiing moguls is keeping control of speed. Because moguls are bumpy, skiers tend to rocket out of control. This is where the racing roots of the sport come in. Most of the world's greatest skiers were once racers.

Jeff Kreitler was born in Kansas City and moved to Sun Valley at 10. He won the 1993 U.S. Extremes in Crested Butte. After a few years, he moved to Tahoe. While there, he began skiing for cameras and worked with TGR and Matchstick Productions. Today, he is still an influential part of the ski industry.

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